BEC Teaching Agreement

BEC as Party 1 and Teacher as Party 2.

Party 1 and Party 2 hereinafter jointly referred to as The Parties and individually as the “Party”

In consideration of mutual benefits and obligations set forth in this agreement, the parties have agreed as follows:



  1. By means this agreement the Parties provide for mutual right and obligations during the cooperation of the Parties, and they agree to cooperate with each other in accordance with this Agreement and exercising due care and to respect all rights and fulfil all obligations set forth herein.
  2. Each Party shall cooperate with the other Party in order to enable the other Party to perform its obligations under the Agreement and each Party shall inform the other Party immediately of any material circumstance or problem in relation to the execution of the Agreement.



  1. Rights of Party 1:
    • Set company rules, business strategy, services package and price, payment scheme, and others rules applicable to company, teachers, and customers.    
    • Publish photo, profile, TOEFL/IELTS Certificate and/or related documents of the Party 2 in company website, social/other media needed to promote company business.
    • Terminate contract or cancel payment if Party 2 fail to perform services and obligations.
  1. Rights of Party 2:
    • Received payment for the service that have been performed according to the payment scheme or as much as amount agreed upon.
    • Terminate contract or cancel service in case Party 1 fail to carry out obligations.
    • Give advice and input to Party 1 for company development.   
  1. Obligation of Party 1:
    • Provide website and marketing needed to promote course packages.
    • Provide teacher needed information about the company rules, business strategy and service packages and pricing policy.
    • Keep confidential information of Party 2 and customers.
  1. Obligation of Party 2:
    • Perform service needed in accordance to company rules, business strategy, and courses package.
    • Report Class Progress as the given format to Party 1 and to the student.
    • Prepare needed syllabus, material, and tools to perform services.  
    • Keep confidential and personal information of customers.



  1. This contract Agreement shall be effective since sign by the Parties and/or after:
    • Party 2 submit photo, profile, TESOL/IELTS/TOEFL certificate and/or related documents to Party 1.
    • Party 1 publish photo, profile, TESOL/IELTS/TOEFL certificate and/or related documents of Party 2 on company website.
  2. This contract agreement became ineffective since:
    • Party 1 and/or Party 2 terminate contract for clear and acceptable reasons.
    • Party 1 and/or Party 2 fail to accomplish rights and obligations stated in this contract.
  3. This contract agreement can be review by consent from The Parties for improvement for both parties.