Eni Monash University majoring in TESOL with scholarship from LPDP IELTS 7.5 TOEFL 630 Profile VIDEO PROFILE TEACHING REPORT TEAcher’s NOTE Write Review Profile Hi, everyone! My name is Nuraeni, just call me Eni. I completed my bachelor in Hasanuddin… Read More »Eni


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TOEFL 653 a graduate of Gadjah Mada University, International Relations Department. Profile INTRODUCTION TEACHING REPORT Write Review Profile Congratulations. You’ve found me. My name is Rizadi Cahyo Nugroho, I’ve been using English regularly for more than half of my life… Read More »Rizal


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Toefl 603 Bachelor Degree from Universitas Indonesia Profile Video/Audio Teaching Report Write Review Profile Hi! My name is Aisyah. I am 26 y/o. I am talkative and love meeting new people. I have finished my bachelor degree from University of… Read More »Aisyah


TOEFL 600 Profile Video/Audio Teaching Field Write Review Profile Hello, there. My name is Ria Rizki. I am a fresh graduate of English Literature major who previously had an internship abroad as an English teacher in Zhonghe Elementary School, Keelung… Read More »Ria-Rizki


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toefl 627 Graduate from Durham University, UK Profile Video/Audio Teaching Field Write Review Profile For me, learning a language is also learning its culture, its people. Throughout the years of experience of living, working and studying in Canada and the… Read More »Dian


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TOEFL 650 12 YEARS TEACHING EXPERIENCE Profile Video/Audio Teaching Field Write Review Profile Hi my name is Paramita. I was born in Jakarta and my parents are from Yogyakarta. I have been teaching for more than 12 years, and I… Read More »Paramita