International Relations in Universitas Brawijaya

HendriKaryawan Swasta
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Thank you Mr Niko for being my teacher. He is very polite, very patient, really a good listener for me. I learned many idioms from him
Febbe Annie
Febbe AnnieWiraswasta
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Thank you mr. Niko for teaching me. From zero to intermediate. It’s very meaningful for me. You are one of the best tutors out there. You have always been punctual and the way you teach has always been easy to understand. During our time, I realized that when we learnt about anything, we can’t grasp it instantly. There is process and mistakes, and those require time. I’ve learned with mr. Niko for 3 classes.. 1 speaking class and 2 classes in business package. And I never felt so bored with the class. He always gave one topic to discuss as exercise to practice speaking in English. I enjoyed it. If anyone who reads this review and in need of private tutor in British English Course, mr. Niko is one that I recommend to improve your english.
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I feel very helped. Able to make me take a relaxed English lesson. Often I make a lot of mistakes but patiently my tutor Niko corrects me. Thank you for your patience in guiding me to use proper English. He can understood me when I was confused and sometimes using in Bahasa. Thank’s too for your support to help me to have more confidence and comfortable in English. Thank you also for the tips that were shared with me for my progress in English. I hope to be proficient in English like my tutor too. So I decided to join the next business class again.
GeryKaryawan Bank
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Niko is a great teacher and his study method really works. He chose that theme that you like and he made the sessions interesting and less stressfull. He can understood me when I was confused and sometimes using in Bahasa. He really helped me to have more confidence and comfortable in English. Recommended bangetlah… Cheers
Muhammad Syahrir
Muhammad SyahrirTenaga Kesehatan
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Alhamdulillah. Saya telah melewati proses belajar English Chatting and Voice Note bersama Mr. Niko. Mr. Niko, baik, cerdas, suka mengoreksi, memberi tips dan triks dalam belajar Inggris. Saya mengalami improvement dalam hal structure, pronunctiation, dll selama sebulan ini. Tapi, saya belum puas, saya masih ingin lanjut belajar bersama Mr. Niko kembali. Saya yakin beberapa bulan ke depan, kemampuan bahasa Inggris saya akan lebih, lebih, dan lebih baik. Aamii
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Thank you Niko for being such a great teacher. You make everything is easier to understand and you helped me a lot.
Bravo Karyawan
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Mendapat kesempatan dengan Mr. Niko untuk trial..menurut saya Mr. Niko cepat menangkap kebutuhan kita dalam berbahasa inggris, selalu megoreksi kesalahan dan sepertinya memiliki wawasan luas yang baik untuk materi percakapan….
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Mr. Niko is a good teacher. He gave me much recommendation within the course which gave me idea how I can promote my English conversation skill. He is good at english conversation with great accent, feels like talking to native. Recommended teacher to work with. Thanks a lot Mr. Niko.
TogiTKI di Timur Tengah
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Mr. NIKO ini sabar dan menurut saya Ia dapat memahami kesulitan dari setiap siswanya dalam belajar, dan sangat flexibel waktu untuk sesi belajar. Thank you, Mr Niko for all of your time to teach me about all tenses.