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TESOL Certified

Master Degree from Monash University, Australia

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Ms Dewi, thank you for being my english teacher. I felt lucky! The class was fun! And you were so patient with me eventhough I kept repeating my mistake. I learned so much from you. Thank you again!!
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Untuk writing English sdh OK
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We have done the class for english learning. In my opinion, the class is very usefull to improve my writing’s skill. Also, Dewi as my partner/teacher, has been successfully improved a methodology of english speaking. I propose that Dewi could be stayed as my partner for the next session.
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Mbak Dewi cukup baik memberikan koreksi saat saya salah nulis atau salah mengucapkan, saya rasa cukup nyaman belajar bahasa Inggris dengan mbak Dewi. Terimakasih.
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Hari ini sudah jalan sesi ke 3 sama dewi, tadi pagi jam 7, jadi masih ada 2 x lagi. Saya suka dengan dia. Ngajarnya terarah. Siipp deh
Nury Astuty
Nury AstutyStudent
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Hallo Ms.Dewi.. Thank you so much for class last night. I am so excited answering some questions from you. Through private class, I can learn fun English, I enjoy it. Although I made some mistakes, but your guidance make me better. Nice to talk you miss Dewi. Hope see you soon
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Hallo mba Dewi, Thankyou for the trial class, mba. I can say that britishenglish and you offer good method to learn english. With private class, interesting and fun way, i can easily understand and remember my grammar mistakes. Nice to talk to you mba. Thank you
Dyah Ayu
Dyah AyuEmployee
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Good morning Mba Dewi, Very nice to be your student in british english class. You are a good teacher. You have guided me to use english language in the right way and very interesting to share about so much topics with you. Thank you for your kindly teaching and success for you mba… warm regards
Dewi Nurhayati
Dewi NurhayatiEmployee
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Hi Mba Dewi, Thank you so much for the trial english class. It was so fun to have conversation with you, about myself, family, etc. You are so humble and it was nice to know you. 🙂 You were patient to teach and correct me for my mistake. Make me wanna learn english more. So then I want to learn english on britishclass Once more, thank you mba dewi Hope you’ll be successful wherever you are and god bless you always
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Hi Mba Dewi, Thank you so much for trial class last night. Talk together about Kdrama, family etc. You always correct my mistake, makes me want to learn English again. I think I will learn English in the britishclass, and first I will take pertamax class. So fun learn together with you, hope you always success . Thank you.