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Have been living in America, China, Australia

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Dessy is a very kind and very passionate people. Since i teached by her, my english is slightly improved. And If you are looking for a right teacher, I highly recomend Dessy to be your teacher.
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BEC was very lucky to have Dessy as a teacher. She was very talented and patient teacher. She possesses a wide range of both knowledge and experience. She helps me alot not only in teaching but also coaching with her own approaches. I feel so comfortable in learning and improving my english skill. You nailed it Dessy.Thank
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Ms Dessy is very kind teacher. She has a good personality, and very passionate. She also has a wide range of knowledge, since she lived in some countries. I always enjoy writing and making conversation with her overtime. Almost everyday she send me greetings. I feel so lucky having Miss Dessy as my English teacher. Thank you for being a good friend as well during class sessions, Miss Dessy
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Miss dessy adalah guru yang paling pengertian, sabar banget, ramah. and i really enjoyed the class. penjelasannya juga mudah dimengerti. Thank you miss
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I can say she is a wonderful teacher… She taught me like her own sister..she knows how to cheer me up.. Well, I really enjoyed every class we had… I want more class if i can… . Because i know she is very kind and not afraid to share her knowledge… Thankyou Dessyyyyyy