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Fitria Qurrota A'yunEmployee
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I was taking writing class with her for my IELTS preparation.There is no doubt that she is professional, skilled, knowledgeable, and very accommodating. I was initially struggling with my biggest problem in writing that is cohesion and coherence. She knew my problem well and guided me how to construct my writing and to maintain the coherence and cohesion, in order to make the readers understand my points clearly, as well as giving word alternatives to enrich my vocabulary, pointing when to use commas, and explaining miscellaneous things which are essential in writing. In the end of the package, I got a final task, by which we both knew that I have made a significant improvement. Anyway, she is certified in teaching IELTS, so don’t worry if you are about to find an IELTS teacher. On top of that, private course will never be more disappointing than group course. I got a huge freedom in asking anything regarding materials, tasks, and even consultation (if your teacher doesn’t mind it), and Miss Debby is one of my favorite teachers.
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Miss Debby teaching skills is very good! She is very cool and funny so you won’t get bored to learn from her. And one thing that i like from her you can talk from A until Z because she is a open-minded person, and ofcourse with talking in English, Thank you so much Miss Debby
Wening TM
Wening TMEmployee
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Miss Debby is a good private english teacher. She gave me the lesson step by step. So…i want to continue to learn engliah speaking with her.