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Pengalaman kami belajar privat bukan hanya soal intelektualitas tapi juga dibutuhkan kecocokan karakter agar proses belajar menjadi lebih nyambung. Oleh karena itu kami memberikan kesempatan untuk calon murid trial perkenalan dengan 2 Tutor pilihan sebelum sesi kursus berlangsung.

Online Private

Materi bahasa Inggris tersedia ribuan gratis di Internet. Tapi sering kita sulit memahami materi tersebut sendiri. Memiliki seorang Tutor yang expert dapat membantu anda belajar lebih cepat.

Custom Made

Materi kursus dibuat sesuai kebutuhan personal murid. Apakah Anda Pelajar, Karyawan atau Pebisnis, beritahu apa kebutuhan Bahasa Inggris Anda dan kesulitan belajar yang Anda hadapi, Tutor kami akan merancang materi privat terbaik untuk Anda.



10 Sesi Belajar Private dengan Zoom. Dapat berinteraksi dengan Teacher secara langsung.

  • Zoom Video
  • Total 10 sesi @45 menit
  • 5 sesi Grammar
  • 5 sesi speaking
  • 1 Teacher 1 student
  • Durasi 6 Minggu


20 Sesi Belajar Private dengan Zoom. Dapat berinteraksi dengan Teacher secara langsung.

  • Zoom Video
  • Total 20 sesi @45 menit
  • 10 sesi Grammar
  • 10 sesi speaking
  • 1 Teacher 1 student
  • Durasi 12 Minggu
  • Sharing Program Teman/Saudara


Belajar langsung dengan Native sangat baik untuk melatih listening dan pronounciation.

  • Zoom Meeting
  • 8 sesi @60 menit
  • Speaking and Listening Feature
  • 1 Teacher 1 student
  • Native from US, Canada, Australia


24 Session PRIVAT Zoom Meeting. Tutor Khusus Lulusan Luar Negeri atau Band 7.5. Student Akan Berlatih 2 tutors

  • 4 Sessions Reading @60 Minutes
  • 4 Sessions Listening @60 Minutes
  • 8 Sessions Writing @60 Minutes
  • 8 Sessions Speaking @60 Minutes
  • Durasi12 MInggu / Jadwal Bisa Dipadatkan Sesuai Jadwal Test

Ms Ranti not only tech me based on the syllabus, more over she also supported and helped me a lot for something I needed beyond that. She also shared some tips and tricks related with communication in the business environment where they were important especially when we interact with western people. I would recommend her for those who want to feel friendly experience during their study and also opportunities to learn something from her experiences.



“It’s really good, I love all my tutors. The program is fun. FocusIELTS could give me a flexible schedule. I learn not only about the IELTS but also about General English. My Tips for all who want take IELTS have a good rest so you could focus on the test”



I was initially struggling with my biggest problem in writing that is cohesion and coherence. Ms Debby knew my problem well and guided me how to construct my writing and to maintain the coherence and cohesion, in order to make the readers understand my points clearly. I got a huge freedom in asking anything regarding materials, tasks, and even consultation (if your teacher doesn’t mind it), and Miss Debby is one of my favorite teachers.


Karyawan Swasta

Awalnya saya agak pesimis waktu memutuskan untuk join di BEC, Tapi setelah saya jalanin dalam beberapa hari ternyata metode pengajarannya cukup menarik dan berbeda dengan kursus-kursus yang saya ambil sebelumnya dan lebih applicable karena membahas topik sehari hari . Dan beruntung juga saya mendapatkan pembimbing (Mbak Dhea) yang professional, selalu on schedule, Flexible, teliti, memberikan full support dan ramah. Jadi highly recommended buat yang mau join untuk di bimbing oleh beliau 🙂



Mr. Arif is an excellent teacher. He helps me a lot with my interview preparation and always explains about everything clearly. He tries to understand his students better so he can give the perfect assistance to fill the students’ needs. Thank you Mr. Arif and BEC


Scholarship Awardee

Mr. Niko is a good teacher. He gave me much recommendation within the course which gave me idea how I can promote my English conversation skill. He is good at english conversation with great accent, feels like talking to native. Recommended teacher to work with. Thanks a lot Mr. Niko.


Thank you so much miss Ria. Miss mengajar dengan cara yang sangat menyenangkan dan penjelasan yang sangat mudah dipahami. And You are so KIND ! thank you so much

Gabriella Rosalina


“I plan to continue my PhD in Australia. One of the requirements is IELTS with minimum band 6.5. Surprisingly I Could Get 7.0 in my first attempt. My tutors have a nice way of teaching. I could understand all the material”



“I felt relieved, I thought I got 6.0 when I found out my result of 7.0 in Speaking somehow I felt more confident to talk in English. The Reason I took IELTS is because it’s a must to take the International Undergraduate Program in UGM.”

“All the tutor helped me a lot during two weeks of practice, I don’t think I could get 7.0 if not taking course in here”



Hampir 50% peserta ujian IELTS dari Indonesia hanya mendapatkan skor ≤ 6.0 dan skor writing rata-rata 5.67, padahal angka minimum yang dibutuhkan adalah 6.5. Don’t let IELTS become your weakness, instead let it be your ticket to future success!

IELTS Writing

IELTS Speaking

IELTS Reading




Kamu Berinteraksi Langsung Dengan Private Tutor BUKAN DENGAN VIDEO TUTORIAL!

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